Unbecoming Humans (F/F)

Unbecoming Humans is a young adult, dystopian science fiction series. Book 1 of the series introduces us to Aria Sekin, the future queen of Humanity 2.0 and supreme ruler of the world…or at least she will be…once everyone else on the planet is dead.

For now, she’s just another genetically perfect, 20-year-old trying to survive a life cooped up in a scientific compound with her zealous mother and 11 other experimental youngsters waiting around to rebuild humanity. Oh wait, make that 12…

Unbecoming Humans: Part 2

In book 2 of the Unbecoming Humans series, Out of Eden, the residents of the Eden compound learn that the extinction of humanity is rapidly approaching, and it’s not pretty…


Off Pitch: coming soon from NineStar Press!