Hi! I know I've been less than excellent at this blogging thing lately. I was going to do a post about the women-loving-women readathon on Twitter called #Sapphicathon. It ran from December 14-28th, and the goal was to read as many women-loving-women books as possible. I managed two. I listened to A Line in the … Continue reading Hi!

Off Pitch Hype Train: The Big Shebang!

This is it! The second biggest announcement I have ever made (after my wedding announcement). Cue the fireworks! Okay, the news! I am here to announce that Off Pitch will officially be released by Ninestar Press on October 9th, 2017!!! That's right, you can hold this fluffy, steamy lady-loving-ladies romance in your very own hands in … Continue reading Off Pitch Hype Train: The Big Shebang!