Off Pitch Hype Train: The Big Shebang!

This is it! The second biggest announcement I have ever made (after my wedding announcement). Cue the fireworks!

Okay, the news! I am here to announce that Off Pitch will officially be released by Ninestar Press on October 9th, 2017!!! That’s right, you can hold this fluffy, steamy lady-loving-ladies romance in your very own hands in under a month! AND, if you make it all the way to the end of the post you can even have a shot at reading it for FREE!

What’s it all about? Here’s what the back cover will tell you:

Soccer star Adeline Fahey has never taken an interest in the world outside of the pitch. The daughter of wealthy Irish immigrants, and a straight-A student, she sees nothing the the goal – finish her last two years of school and join a professional soccer team – no ifs, ands, or buts.

Then Gabriella Soto, a cello prodigy in her own right and the teaching assistant in Adeline’s dreaded Beginning Spanish class, walks onto her playing field.

After a drunken night in a T-rex costume boots their hearts onto a collision course, Adeline and Gabriella must tackle a field of school scandal, homophobic parents, and their own passionate career goals to have a shot at something more. In the face of so many obstacles, Adeline and Gabriella fear that their love may not be strong enough to score them the championship relationship they never knew they wanted.

But you’re not here for the blurb. No. What you really want to see is the front cover, right? Well, the wait is over. Without further ado, I give you the absolutely perfect cover of Off Pitch created by the very talented Natasha Snow!


Do you love it? Because I couldn’t be more excited about it! As you can see, this will be the first of two novels in the Pitch Prodigies series. Wish me luck keeping up with the “pitch” wordplay for the next one.

Off Pitch is available for pre-order from Ninestar Press beginning today! Stay tuned throughout the month for more giveaways, blog tours, and event announcements!

As a promised, a reward for stalking me and making it all the way to the end of this post. I’m holding a week-long giveaway for one signed paperback copy of Off Pitch and some swag, and two e-copies of Off Pitch in the format of your choice! The giveaway starts today and runs through Tuesday, September 19th and is available internationally.

Winners will receive their prizes after the book release on October 9th. To enter head over to RaffleCopter. Be sure to comment your favorite soccer team on this post before you go to claim an extra entry! You can also head over to Maggie Derrick’s blog for a guest post of fun tidbits from yours truly and an extra chance to win prizes!

A huge thank you to Maggie Derrick for co-hosting this reveal with me, to Ninestar Press for making this dream a reality, and to all of you for supporting me on this grand adventure!

13 thoughts on “Off Pitch Hype Train: The Big Shebang!

  1. My dad is from Southampton (England) originally so during the soccer (or football as he calls it) season every week he will listen to the game. If the (Southampton) Saints win, he will be in a good mood for the rest of the day. Now I cheer with him. And when the World Cup comes we cheer for England till the loose (which they always do).

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  2. Used to watch a number of soccer games but not anymore. Used to support AC Milan for team and the Netherlands for national team. It was during Van Basten days. I supported Milan because he was there *lol*.

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