The Story So Far…

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! I want to start of by catching you up on what has happened in my very short writing career thus far.

I started writing in June…of 2016. I’d been toying with the idea as I started running out of satisfying lesfics to read, but I couldn’t get any of my ideas off the ground. One morning, I woke up in a panic, because I’d had an inspiring dream, and the ideas started pouring out of me like an unending stream of delicious hot cocoa, and voila! Unbecoming Humans was born!

I found out about Wattpad’s #JustWriteIt shortly thereafter, and though “What the heck? I’ll write this whole story in a month!” And I did. Running on several years of pent-up creative energy, I word vomitted the whole first draft in a month. Now, it still needs a lot of work, but I’m really pleased with what came out of it, nonetheless, and the feedback I’ve had on the story has been excellent!

I won’t give away the ending, but I left the end of the first book teetering on a massive cliff, so I HAD to jump right into the second book. Unfortunately, I started to run into some pretty major writer’s block, and by October, I had reached the point I couldn’t convince myself to make any more words.

But then I found out about NaNoWriMo! I’m not one of those violently competitive people, but I do love a good challenge, so I thought “What the heck? I have a few new ideas. I’ll write another story in a month!” And voila! Off Pitch was born!

I hit NaNoWriMo’s 50,000-word goal right out of the park, but I came out of the experience completely exhausted. Lucky for me, I found out about a romance publishing competition over on Inkitt! It was just the motivation I needed to finish and polish the story in time for Valentine’s Day! I am very proud to announce that I met that deadline, and have entered Off Pitch in Inkitt’s Amour competition in the hopes of snagging a publishing deal!

That last part is where you come in! The competition is based entirely on readership and reviews, which means I need every eyeball I can get on Off Pitch to knock my numbers out of the park! I would be ever so grateful if you would head over to Inkitt to read my story, leave me a rave review (or not), and share it with the world!

In the meantime, I entered my Off Pitch query in #SonOfAPitch (on a very last minute whim), and I JUST FOUND OUT that I’m going to Round 2! Stalk me over on Twitter or Facebook, or stay tuned right here for more updates!

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